TEA Party

Here’s something that made me realize just exactly how ignorant the media thinks I am, not to mention anyone who shares my views.  Let me spell it out as if anyone is listening to this voice crying in the wilderness.  This is not a Republican issue.  This is a survival issue.  Ultimately it goes to our ability to remain a free country.  Taxed Enough Already (TEA) is just a clever way to get people’s attention.  It is a euphemism for telling our public servants, whom we elect, that we want them to tax us less, and spend far less.   Notice what I did not say!  I did not say that I want the government to stop spending all together.

Now, here’s a question.  How did we manage to take care of ourselves before the Federal Government provided grants to local police departments to pull over and ticket drunk drivers for instance?  If a community doesn’t want drunk drivers, and there is no Federal money, wouldn’t they pay for it themselves? I can hear it now… “what if the community doesn’t want drunk drivers, but they don’t have the money to pay police officers to arrest drunk drivers?”  Well, they have a tough decision.  Either something else gets cut, or they have to accept that they are going to have more drunk drivers.  That’s facing things squarely and honestly.

Let’s move this to something more personal and less serious to make a point.  I’d really like a new MacBook Pro and a couple of Mac Minis.  I don’t have the money right now to purchase any of them.  They would make my life much easier.  Maybe I should apply for a government grant for struggling entrepreneurs.  Then I would get some money from everybody who is paying taxes, and my life would be a little easier.  Did you catch that?  Where you asking, “why should he get a grant to buy expensive Apple computers?  And why should I pay for them?”

It becomes easy when we are talking about a single entrepreneur, to say no to allowing them to get a government grant that your taxes pay for.  It would be much more efficient for a local community to deal with drunk driving than to have the Federal Government tax us, pay for needless studies, and the whole grant application process that drains dollars out of the system to pay for lobbying, and pet projects that help congressmen win re-election.  In the end, if we send $1 in taxes to the Federal Government, they’ll spend something like $1.75, and the local police department maybe gets $0.50 of that.

I get calls from the fundraisers for the Indiana State Police FOP.  I asked them how much the FOP actually gets from their fund-raising efforts as a percentage.  They would not tell me.  Needless to say, they did not get my donation.  Sadly, with taxes, I have no choice but to pay them, even when they are far too complicated, and when they fund a government that cannot control spending.

So here’s a solution.  Tax corporations and individuals at 100%.  I’ll refuse to pay my taxes, end up in jail, and the people working for the media, who think I’m stupid, can give me three meals a day, cable TV, internet access, a gym, and free medical care.  That’s criminal you say?  But wait… that’s exactly what we do.

That’s what the TEA Party is all about.  It is saying enough is enough.  Save money by not treating those who commit crimes better than those who work hard providing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.  Jail overcrowding?  Too bad, so sad!  Don’t be a criminal.

Well, with that… I hope you are upset enough about this video to do something about it instead of thinking somebody else will.

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What We Trust

Writing my blog at my home office desk

Writing my blog at my home office desk

In case you haven’t noticed, there is an effort under way to remove “In God We Trust” from United States currency.  In some respects that would reflect the reality that our country does not really trust in God much anymore.  We all too often look to government, unions, science, technology, or anything else but God.

Yet, where did we turn when terrorists knocked down the Twin Towers, and damaged the Pentagon?  We had members of congress standing on the capitol steps singing decidedly religious songs.

Well, I suspect that was due to the reality that at our core we know God exists, and that in hard times He is the only one we can rely on.  Why is it that when the hard times involve the loss of life, or tragedy, we turn to God, but when it is a financial problem we try to figure it out without His help?  Who do we think we are fooling?  Are we trusting that more government spending will get us out of this financial quandary?  I submit that is foolish.

So, what would the wise thing to do be?  Government needs to demonstrate that it can be trusted.  That is going to take the voting citizen putting aside what representatives tell us to get elected.  It is going to take us being fed up enough to make the required hard changes.  It might even mean dealing with getting less from government.

I will go out on a limb, albeit a sturdy one, to say that this is one case where less truly is more!

New Before Noon.

photo-108I’ve had a quiet morning of reflection on the Psalms.  I’d like to encourage everyone to read them.  If you’re wondering where to start, you could do what I did.  I started with Psalm 1!  How original is that?!

Then, since I went to church last night, I prayed for the services that were occurring today, as well as missionaries, and as many other things as I could think of.  It was a great time.

Now I’m trying to get my blog post completed before noon.  It is a new goal of mine to complete my blog entry each day before noon.  We will see how that goes.

I would really appreciate feedback on what I’ve been writing over the past several days.  It would be great if this turned into a dialog, instead of just something that I write to get the things I’m thinking about written down.  I think if we all realized the impact we have, and could have on each other, we would be out of our economic crisis much sooner.

It is time to be responsible, and engaged.  That is what this blog is attempting to accomplish.  Won’t you help me with that goal?