Escalating Violence

The Human Condition

As disturbing as the escalating violence is that seems to keep occurring in large, and small ways the nation over, there is something that is even more disconcerting. We’re wired this way. It is important to notice that I didn’t say, “they’re wired that way.” In truth, each of us react to injustice, whether perceived or actual. The reason for it is because that’s the way God made us. Our nation has insisted on taking God out of the equation, and this is what happens. With God banished, somebody needs to administer justice. Somebody needs to be feared. The police cannot be everywhere, nor can the looters, rioters, snipers, gunmen, and other terrorists. But because we’ve removed the fear of God from the equation, we’ve eliminated the only One who can be everywhere at once.

Many of the people who are destroying property in the name of justice are cowardly wearing hoods and masks, as if somehow that hides them. Marginalize God all you want, but a mask and a hood aren’t going to do the trick. There isn’t a one of us who can hide from God. If God can find someone in the abyss of hell, he can find me anywhere I might think I can hide. Yet that didn’t stop Adam, and it doesn’t stop me from trying. Why is that? We’re wired that way!

So, if we’re wired this way, and it’s faulty, how do we go about changing the wiring? That’s the great news. Jesus paid the price to change the wiring on the cross, and now I can be redeemed. I can let him change the wiring. The problem is that we think that Jesus is done with the work on our lives since our eternity is secure. The truth is I am still a diamond in the rough, and I think I’m ready to be set in the wedding band. I don’t consider my own life honestly and soberly. I think of myself more highly than I ought, and I buy into the culture that says, “nobody else is going to look out for me, so I need to look out for myself.”

Couple this looking out for myself, and being outraged over the perceived mistreatment of others, and the misguided idea that nobody should have any weapons for self defense and the defense of others, and you have a society that is out of balance ready to go full tilt on a hair trigger. So, our solution is to regulate guns? To excuse away riotous behavior giving them space to express themselves? No! Murder is already illegal by whatever means it is accomplished. And riots? Does anyone really think we should give them space?

Discriminate |disˈkriməˌnāt|

The national spotlight is on my home state, Indiana in a huge way. All over our enactment of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into law. Given my history of talking about such issues, rest assured I’ve been chomping at the bit to write. I’ve started on three different occasions, and haven’t quite hit on exactly what to say that’s really any different or helpful. Then it occurred to me what all the hubbub is about. Discrimination.