Framing Advice

It has been said that victory and safety are the result of a multitude of councilors. I won’t deny that’s true. At the same time, it is often impossible to follow the council of every councilor, because they’re not saying the same thing. Even if they are, it may still be unwise to follow. How can that be?

It comes down to the frame. A frame provides context to the council. It helps to define the parameters. And it narrows down the options.

Too often we try to do everything. We try to please everyone. In the end we cannot possibly do everything, nor can we please everyone.

Some would say that this places limits on our effectiveness, and narrows our prospects. I choose to look at these seeming limitations as freeing me from the concerns outside my frame.

At the same time, I need to make sure what I truly need is inside the frame. And that’s where the advice I received from Michael Hyatt’s Platform University was most helpful. I intend to change the direction and focus of my blog, but there will still be the occasional personal reflection on my blog. It won’t solely focus on Small Business Finance. That’s what will be inside the frame, but on the perimeter of the frame will be the principles that define my world view and add character to my blog. This picture does a great job of conveying that concept as this frame, and the background definitely have character!

Over the coming weeks there will be changes on my blog, as well as more regular posts. Perhaps the first thing I’ll talk, about are excuses!