Things That Are Not As They Appear

Some would say that traditional biblical marriage has been defeated in Indiana by the ruling of a court. I do not share that opinion. Now before you think I agree with the ruling, and I’ve abandoned what God thinks about this subject, let me remind you of the title of this post! It really doesn’t matter what I think, or what a court does at the end of the day. Neither one of us can add an inch to my height, or prolong my days beyond the number ordained by God. By the same token, neither can my life be shortened unless God also allows.

This has me wondering. Why is it that so many people who call themselves Christians are so afraid to lovingly speak the truth? Why is it that we seem to fear what men will think of us instead of warning people about the dangers of defying God? Why do we live our lives as if the way things appear are the way they actually are? Are we really that uncertain of what the future holds? Do we really not trust God as much as we say we do?

You see this concept rearing its ugly head in the business world as well with the Supreme Court’s recent ruling against Aereo, the startup company that had a novel idea. Locate small antennas close to the broadcast towers, and allow customers to tune in remotely via the Internet to these antenna. The Networks felt that this was a violation of their copyright, and sued to stop this. They won. Or did they? I’m one of many customers who will not see their programs, and therefore will not see their advertiser’s commercials. It only appears that the American Broadcast Company (ABC) et al, won. The reality is that everyone lost. Innovation lost, the broadcasters lost, and the consumer lost. What’s more, legal clarity lost, as the dissenting Justices explained.

That greatly disrupts settled jurisprudence which, before today, applied the straightforward,bright-line test of volitional conduct directed at the copyrighted work. —

573 U. S. ____ (2014)

It is time for thoughtful people to see past what things appear to be, to what they really are. If we don’t, we may find our ability to speak, or take a stand will no longer be ours to enjoy. Are you ready to make a difference?