Spring Cleaning

This NASA picture is clearly extremely clean. You wouldn’t want to spend so much money and time, only to have a small contaminate cause the mission to fail. Perhaps this example is overkill, and your spring cleaning is not nearly this intense. My spring cleaning is this intense. I’m turning a corner, I’m changing direction. And May 1st marks the first day of that new direction.Phoenix Mars Lander inverted in backshell in cleanroom (PIA07246)

I’m going to use the month of May to ramp up to blog posts occurring three days a week. There is one topic. Changing the World of Small Business Finance. You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard that Small Business is what drives our economy. And a major reason that our economy continues to struggle, is that nobody seems to be addressing the issue of how Small Businesses are financed.

For the most part Small Business finance consists of owner investment and debt. Individual investment in Small Business is so regulated and restricted, that it is primarily the most successful (or the most connected) that stand a chance of gaining access to the capital markets.

What is coming is a discussion of how to effectively use mechanisms that are already in place in new ways to achieve the same results for smaller businesses that large business has enjoyed for some time.

I used to think that the numbers behind our operations would expose our strengths and weaknesses to our business partners and our competitors. Thinking that way plays into the complexity that large companies deal with in the equity markets. There are so many moving parts, that it is practically impossible for even the most seasoned reader and financial analyst to truly understand what is going on in a well run company, let alone a company that is trying to hide things from investors.

If you can’t buy a piece of equity in my business, what can you buy? And, what do you get in the event that you do decide to buy? Those are good questions, and I’ll answer them next time. Between now, and the next time I write, expect to see a way for you to donate to the cause.

Why should you consider a donation? That’s an easy one. My wife and I have invested everything we have into small businesses. If this idea sees the light of day, it will be nothing short of a God thing. The last time I checked, He’s the only one who has any business making guarantees. The bottom line here is that I am working at building an online platform to support local small businesses, including one of our own.

I’m looking forward to this journey. I have no idea where it is going to end up. All I know for certain is that we’re bound to get lots of things wrong. If you are looking for perfection out of the gate, then this journey is not for you. But if you are ready to see what kind of difference we can make by working together, and you want to read the inside story, then when I’m ready, I’ll be looking for you to join me. Are you ready?