Change is Coming…

We’ve all heard the phrase, “April Showers bring May Flowers” and the application for my blog is that changes are coming! For many years, my blog was the place I went and got things off my chest. I published roughly two out of every three posts I wrote. I didn’t try to make money with my blog, and that would have been hard, given how sporadically I posted content.

That’s what’s changing. I have a plan, and I have help. Eventually, I may even have blog readers that are paying me to write my blog. Imagine that! As I sit here behind my monitor, with my fingers poised over my keyboard, and thoughts streaming though my head, and making the trip through nerves to the muscles in my fingers to type (a process which is amazing in its own right) I find it hard to believe that one day that could be a reality. Yet at the same time, if you told me when I was in elementary school, what my life would be like today, I would have thought you were crazy. A blog wasn’t even on the radar back then. In fact, radar was still a new technology then, now your new car is likely to have it.

I’m looking forward to the changes, and I’ll be writing some more about the coming changes soon.