Never Despise Meager Beginnings


The physical seeds are smaller than what they produce.


A mustard tree… much bigger than the seed.

At first blush I thought this was a quote from the television series based on Janette Oke’s “Love Comes Softly”, and it is.  However, Zechariah 4:10 asks, “Who despises the day of small things?”  What this illustrates is the challenge I’m going to have in properly attributing my ideas when I write them down.  Where did they come from?  Are they original ideas with me?  Or did I get them from reading?  or watching TV?  Then, you might ask, where did they get the idea that they’ve expressed.  Is it original with them?  So, here’s my philosophy.  I will do my best to identify the origin of my ideas giving credit where credit is due.  But as you might have gathered by now, I give all of the credit to the one who made each one of us.  Namely, God.  And God doesn’t despise meager beginnings, or small things.  After all, Jesus talks about the small grain of a seed from the mustard tree producing much bigger results.  While the same can be said of many seeds, what I’m talking about here is the seed of an idea.

I come from meager beginnings, even if my friends growing up thought I had it made because our family had a small business.  In the years that followed, I experienced many hardships that at the time seemed insurmountable.  The truth was, that everything without God was impossible, and I’m ashamed of how many years it took me to get to the end of myself and my desire to be in control, and turn my trust over to him.  Ultimately, I’m convinced that’s what has been holding me back.  God knew that unless he put me through the crucible of the impossible and insurmountable, I would never get to the end of myself.

Am I truly at the end of myself?  Like many of us, once things seem to be back on track, I want to take the reigns again.  At the very least I want to take credit for something.  What is it that God seems to be shouting at me?  Better yet, what is He whispering?  And am I quiet enough to hear it?  Ultimately, what has God gifted me with?  And, what areas need His work?

See if you agree with my self assessment.

I’m really good at imagining what could be, and planning how to get there. I’m good at solving problems that involve computers, electronics, electricity, and many mechanical things.  Finally, I’m pretty good with a keyboard and expressing thoughts on “paper”, even if that takes on electronic form today.

I am easily distracted by things I find interesting.  Unfortunately, I find lots of things interesting, and the rabbit trails… Web browsing and hyperlinks didn’t help me with this challenge.  I get bored quickly with most repetitive things.  I like to work really hard, and then relax.  I live with too much clutter, which feeds into the distractions.  So the conclusion I come to is that I need to work harder to eliminate clutter, and concentrate on one thing at a time.

Do any of you find yourselves in similar circumstances?  If you do, let me suggest making a meager beginning.  Then, let God continue to do His work in His time.  It isn’t easy, but most things worthwhile come with hard work and perseverance.  God has the best track record of finishing the work He starts, including the work He does on each one of us.  So here’s my simple question, “what’s next?”