Halloween & Elections!

We buy candy every year to hand out to trick-or-treaters who come to our door.  We’re happy to do it.  It is interesting to see the costumes, or in some cases the lack of them.  This year I saw a couple of Jokers, and thought of the Motley Fool.  But if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know there’s something else coming.  And you’re right.  You can tell quite a bit about the character of the kids who come to your door.  When they say, “Trick or treat”, and I say, “Pick one”, many of them do exactly that, and I’m impressed.  Then there was one young girl who asked, “how many?”  I responded with my standard, “Pick one.”  And she did.  A very polite young girl.  Those that know me well are waiting for this one.  “Trick or treat”, they said.  I said “Pick one.”  I think they were trying to pick one, and got two.  One fell on the ground, and they picked it up, and put it in their bag.  I had no problem with that.  Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for.  Her brother grabbed as much as he could fit in his hand.  I had to say, “Whoa there, JUST one.”

You didn’t think I was done with my story did you?  Good!  Because I have a lesson we all need to learn from this experience.  You would never be the person who takes more than somebody is willing to share, but if you aren’t then both of your neighbors are.  How can I make that statement?  Well, look at it this way, at least one out of every two people in this country are receiving more generosity from their government than they are paying for.  In fact a significant number of your neighbors (because you’d never do it) are not paying any income tax at all.  They’re like the kid thrilled with getting candy for free, who looks at the full basket of candy I have, and instead of taking one, takes as many as they can grab with their hand.  Maybe you’re tempted to say what’s wrong with that?  What happens if during the course of the evening I run out because the first ten kids take handfuls?  What do I do when the next 20 kids come to my house?  Are they going to be “mad” at the first 10 kids?  Maybe, but my guess is they’re going to be “mad” at me because I didn’t buy enough candy.  What if I can’t afford more candy?  What then?  Will they know that?

This pretty much defines the life of a small business owner, or any business owner for that matter.  People want businesses to give away their product without making a profit, because profit is “bad”.  Or having a profit is seen as being greedy.  News flash, if business owners are not able to make a profit, there’s no incentive for them to be in business.  They won’t be able to afford any candy to give away to the kids for Halloween.  Citizens are more than willing to push the taxes on those “wealthy business owners” and their businesses, asking them to “pay their fair share.”  If only it was their fair share, but in reality business owners and successful people are being asked to pay more than their fair share.

I’m pushing back, and asking everyone to pay their fair share, including the poor.  If you think your fair share is too much, elect people to represent you who promise to reduce the size and scope of all layers of government.  If they are not able to get the job done, don’t elect them again.  You see, term limits are a bad idea.  They force us to get rid of people who are getting the job done, in the name of stopping those who are not getting the job done.  The thing is, there are already term limits.  We just have to have the resolve to enforce them.  Every office has a length of term, otherwise we wouldn’t keep on having elections.

For once, ignore your party affiliation, and think about what electing the individual means.  If they’ve held office for any length of time, have they helped the country?  Or have they helped their own political career?  Have they been self-serving, or have they truly taken on the tough challenges and solved them?  I’d say there are 16 trillion reasons to say they have not tackled the toughest challenge!  It is time to elect people who are serious about resolving our debt problem.  The way you can tell they are serious, is if they are willing to curb government’s voracious appetite for spending more than tax revenues support.  In order for me to not run out of candy, I need each child to take just one piece.  In order for our government to not run out of money, we need to make sure our government isn’t doing more than it needs to do.  We need to make sure we aren’t trying to take advantage of our government, because when we do we are really stealing from our neighbors, or from the kids who come later.  That’s the real greed.  The businessman’s profit allows him to keep meeting the needs of society.  The businesswoman’s profit allows her to build up reserves for a rainy day.  And if our government operated this way, and instead of a 16 trillion dollar debt, we had a 16 trillion dollar surplus, then President Obama can talk about making any investment he wants to make to get our economy going again.  But honestly, he wouldn’t have to because we wouldn’t be in this problem in the first place.  And there wouldn’t be a person in their right mind who would want a two term limit on somebody who was able to turn a 16 trillion debt into a 16 trillion dollar surplus.  Unfortunately, President Obama took a 10 trillion dollar debt and turned it into a 16 trillion dollar debt.  That’s the wrong direction.

Well, Trick or Treating has come to an end here, so I’ll wrap this up.  Let me know what you think!