Open Letter to NBC Olympic Advertisers

Like many Americans, who unlike their government,  must reduce spending when they have less income, we have reduced how much we spend on TV services.  We used to spend close to $200 per month for HD TV service and Internet access.  Now, thanks to HuluPlus and Netflix, our monthly spend is under $50.  We give up live TV, but we are too busy building our own business without any government help to really notice.  That is until the Summer Olympics.  I began to search for ways I could view them online.  Nothing.  NBC has U.S. viewing all locked up.

Now here’s the part where I call into question your business practices.  Your stakeholders should be too.  I have $150 a month that I’m not spending on TV, and your brand isn’t  getting that exposure.  That’s right, in case you missed it, I have more money to spend on your products, but your TV ads are being wasted on people who are spending their money to get TV programming… leaving them with less money to spend on what you are advertising.

Wake up to the new reality, or you may discover that you’ve spent lots of money advertising, and you have less to show for it because fewer are watching, and those who are, have less money to spend.