I Have a Dream

Watch this, then read my comments.

If you are like me, then that was a very worthwhile 20 minutes or so– and that’s not just because I’m an Apple fan.

It got me to thinking about my own personal “Why”, and my own personal dream.  In the days ahead, I intend to watch this video clip a few more times.

Did anyone else catch my other favorite company featured as a failure?  TiVo, is the standard I judge every DVR against, yet they were, and are not profitable.  I think I know why, but they never asked me!  Nor did they ask Simon Sinek.  It is really sad that such a great product hasn’t produced financial results for the company, when their product is every much as good as Apple products.  Apple’s stock trajectory was from about $20 at TiVo’s IPO to $349+ today.  TiVo’s trajectory was from just shy of (no doubt reverse split adjusted) $60 to less than $10 today.

As you can see, it is far more important that Why drives How then What.