Technology is Great… When it Works!

This is going to be short. You didn’t think it was possible for me, did you?

I spent the better part of the day trying to make life easier for my wife. Let me set the stage. She posts the same information to a blog, Facebook, our website, and Twitter. I am working with tools that make it possible to publish the blog, and have it update Facebook and Twitter. You would think that would be simple with Google’s Blogger, however it is not.

Now, I have my blog on a personally hosted WordPress site. I’m writing this post on my WordPress iPad app. And we will see if the posting to Facebook works.

If it does, it will be one victory for “open source” (WordPress), and one for “closed” (Apple’s iPad)

Anyone want to guess where Google and Facebook are on open or closed?

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One thought on “Technology is Great… When it Works!

  1. Well, after waiting for the service to get everything registered, it appears that everything is working. Open source and closed working hand-in-hand. There are still a few things I’d like do do a better job with, but this is progress!

    So, at this point, I’m calling the battle a draw. The debate continues, and I suspect will continue for quite some time! At least none of the solutions involved the biggest closed source company.

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