Two Years Still True

Two years ago I replied to somebody’s blog post with this:

I agree we need to “make some changes around here”, and I like the idea of not completely abandoning government. We want government! We just want it to be more efficient, smaller, and less of a burden. Bringing about these changes will require a shift in how the voter thinks.

We need to fund voter education. Now, here is the challenge. If we want government to be efficient, smalller, and less of a burden, then we need to figure out how to do the exact same thing with this movement.

Could you imagine what would happen if we elected a TEA candidate in place of Pete Visclosky? Could you imagine if we spent less than $20,000 to do it? Now imagine if all the members of the house were unseated for the same amount. That would cost $8.7 million. Contrast that with what Obama spent to win… almost 86 times that amount. Now imagine if those TEA candidates went to Washington D.C. and cut federal spending that drastically!!! What if they converted Social Security into a private retirement program as the CATO Institute proposed years ago? What if Medicare, Medicaide, and welfare programs were turned into the insurance programs they should be, and you purchased the amount of insurance you wanted?

You see, if you did your own saving, and paid for your own insurance, you might get to a point where you have enough saved, where you don’t want the cost of insurance. If you have a rainy-day fund of 12 months of wages, without touching your retirement, then why pay a premium for unemployment insurance? Spend it instead on something productive!

I could go on, but basically the bottom line is common sense. We need to return to common sense. We need to help people realize that voting for their current member of congress, as likable as they are, means that we will get more of the same, regardless of current party.


Wow.  Did you catch the part about a real unemployment insurance program?  Could you imagine how much money this would save state governments, that are working like crazy to shore up failing unemployment programs, by of all things increasing the tax that employers have to pay.  Sounds like my small business will not be hiring anyone new any time soon.  It’s too expensive.  Oh, and how does that help get us out of the unemployment fix we’re in?