I’ve Heard That Before!

Earlier today, I wrote on Facebook about the challenge Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is having in his attempt to reign in government spending, and bring public employee benefits more in line with the private sector.
I’m including what I wrote there below.
It is in fact getting a little old to hear my ideas being dismissed because they don’t work in the real world.  They aren’t really my ideas, at least not in their genesis.  They are derived from common sense, and a biblical world view.  I submit that following biblical principles is the only way to make things work, whether you believe the God of the Bible, or not.  If you are trying to program your light timer, and you run into a problem, you search for the manual, and follow the directions.  Your belief, or lack of it, does not change the fact that a company designed and sold that light timer, and wrote the manual.  The same applies to God.  The instruction manual, so to speak, is the Bible.  Follow what it says without reading it, and you are receiving the benefit.
Now, here’s what I wrote.

It’s getting kind of old. It takes a person of character to be able to stand up to a corporation and say, “I will not lie, I will not do this job because it violates my moral principles.” Instead of “the… land of the free, and the home of the brave”, we’ve become the land of slaves and the home of the wimps.

Slaves, because of our huge mountain of debt, and wimps, because we keep passing the buck instead of dealing with hard issues. Unions, corporations, government, and us… we’re all to blame.

I for one am tired of doing the same-old same-old. I’m tired of pretending I like unions, like corporations that only have a profit motive, and like big government.

The reason it does not work the way it should is because we have long since abandoned any Judeo-Christian thinking. We have turned words that used to mean one thing into meaning something else entirely.

We created so many silly regulations that we’ve put ourselves in a prison cell, and relegated ourselves to making license plates. We innovate, and then manufacture overseas, because we cannot make things here, the silly rules and red tape get in the way.

We have clean ways of generating electricity, but we haven’t built a new Nuclear power plant in my adult life, and I’m getting old.

Where we are today is a direct result of abuses on many levels. We no longer respect authority, because that authority has abused authority. As a result, teachers get thrown under the proverbial bus. In my days as a student, I knew that if I got in trouble at school, I was in trouble at home. That’s gone today, and that’s why teachers get thrown under the bus, even if they don’t deserve it.

It used to be that if you were not taught right and wrong at home, you were taught it in school, but today we’re taught that what’s right for you may not be right for me… everything is relative.

I submit that the core of our problem is that we have thrown the One who is TRUTH, out, and continue to believe the lie that things don’t work that way.