World Wide Wisdom – NOT

It should not surprise me, or anyone else, honestly.  Chaos, violence, death, and rape in the middle-east.  Then drawing parallels to those events in Madison, Wisconsin, should not surprise me either.  The problem is that there are no parallels.  Wisconsin’s governor was elected by the voters of Wisconsin.  The senators who fled to Illinois, were elected to the Wisconsin Senate to represent the people from their senate districts.  What a terrible example of responsibility that is.

I believe the things I’ve talked about on blog posts, and shared on Facebook.  I will not run away from them, even if the World Wide Wisdom says I’m wrong.  The human problem of sin clouds World Wide Wisdom, and ultimately required the death of Jesus as the perfect sacrifice demanded by a holy God.  Ironically, World Wide Wisdom and a sham of a trial resulted in Jesus’ execution at the hands of the Romans, and the behest of his own people, the Jews.  And it was that seminal event that provides atonement for all of my sin, and the sin of the world.

To add further irony, there is a huge push to secularize society, and the more that push occurs, the more we are reminded by the violence in Egypt and the middle-east, that the God of the Bible will not be thwarted or dismissed.

Deny God at your own peril.  I urge you to abandon World Wide Wisdom, and seek instead Wisdom from above.