At Long Last!

It is about time I posted to my blog. There are a number of things that have happened between the last post and this one.

  1. Our store has been open for over a year now! Cafe Crop, for those who are interested.
  2. My workload has grown to say the least.
    1. I am in charge of operations for Cafe Crop, which means I have to make sure everything is working up to Tina’s expectations. For those of you who know Tina, she’s a remarkable worker. She even works hard playing… so is it really hard to imagine how much my workload has increased?
    2. I am working on the next steps of our strategy for growth in areas outside of scrapbooking.
    3. I am working with a team of guys on a new venture currently seeking significant investment in order to pursue the creative vision of the company founder.
  3. In order to maintain some balance in our lives, I stepped out of serving as the Bethel Choir Sound Engineer, and my rotation on the Bethel Sound Team.  This was a tough decision, because I really enjoy using the gifts God has given me to serve the church.  However, I became convinced that God also created the seasons of our lives for a reason, and I needed a season away.
  4. Finally, as is evidenced by my lack of posting, I need to also become more organized and efficient with my use of time, so that I can document my life.  Why is that important you ask?  Well, all too often, we get going too fast, and we get ahead of God when we do.  Part of posting to my blog is an opportunity to step back and see how God is continuing to work in my life.  By not posting, I could be sending the erroneous message that God is doing nothing.
  5. As if having one blog to keep up with wasn’t enough, I am about to embark on another one.  Coming in March, 2011, will be a blog chronicling my investment outlook and current strategy and results.  This blog will consist of two parts.  A free part, and a more in-depth paid access part.  Why would you want to pay for more in-depth access to my thoughts on investing, and what I’m currently doing?  Well, this will be an honest assessment of what worked, and what did not.  It is my hope that you can learn from my efforts, not repeat the same mistakes, and be able to act quickly on what is working.

Thank you for following my blog.  I look forward to getting back in the saddle of writing in my blog.  One last technical thing.  We’ve switched to a new server, and that process took much more time than it should have.  I discovered that domain guard sends the required e-mail into virtual purgatory, and as a result the process took months instead of days!

My next post will be on a favorite topic of mine.