Hate Crimes, Dems and Lies, Oh My!!

The headline on OneNewsNow.com’s site reads:

“Hate crimes vote postponed, Dems caught in ‘lie'”

I am not surprised.

Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, … says during yesterday’s markup hearing, Democrats neglected to mention that in America — a country of 300 million people — there have been only 1,521 cases of hate against homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people.

That is 0.000507%, a small number indeed.  Never mind that crime against any individual is already illegal.

Contrast that with another number.  0.433%.  What’s that percentage?  Why, it is the percentage of the U.S. Population that is aborted each year — or 1,300,000 people.

Where is the outrage over this crime against the most helpless, the unborn?

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