Hope Misplaced…

Children enter the world completely and utterly dependent upon their parents for everything.  They are born with an unwavering trust in those parents.  But then something happens.  Eventually we learn that parents sometimes fail us.  We discover that they do not know everything.  If our parents were smart enough to realize that they don’t know everything, but that their faith in One who does was lived out, then chances are good that they passed that faith along.  It doesn’t always work that way, they are not perfect after all.  The natural progression has two possible outcomes.  You come to the conclusion that, God exists and can be trusted, and echo the words of this song:

This speaks for itself.

This speaks for itself.

Mysteries unknown
Are known to you
All wisdom is yours to reveal

You hold in your hand
The days of all men
All life and breath is yours to give.

Or, you conclude that your parents, people with faith, and people of faith are hypocrites.  That path leads you to believe that there is no God.  You become an atheist.

That’s what happens when hope is misplaced.

That’s why my hope is not in the Government solving this fiscal crisis.  It isn’t really even in Capitalism solving the crisis.  My hope is that God will so move to avert this crisis, yet I realize this crisis is part of His plan.  Perhaps it will ultimately cause people to turn to Him like nothing else could.  9/11 had that impact until we figured out what hit us, and within a year the documentary that PBS produced was asking where God was on that day, and quoting people as saying “Religion brought those two buildings down.”

Not even close.  Evil and sin brought those buildings down.

I will not turn my back on 9/11/2001.  It was evil men, and sin, not religion that brought the towers down.

I will not turn my back on 9/11/2001. It was evil men, and sin, not religion that brought the towers down.

So it is my prayer that instead of believing the Liar, and putting hope in hopeless things, that the people of these United States will rediscover what has brought about the blessing of our nation.  That we will return to our godly heritage.  That we will confess our wicked ways.  That we will repent, and change course.  Then, and only then will we have true hope.

Do you honestly think that either party of late is going in the right direction?  Seriously.  Obama is trying to blame the problem on Bush, yet have you really noticed any change?  Rhetoric does not change reality.  And no President, regardless of party, can defy God’s laws, and expect to prosper.  Congress can make no law that suspends God’s law either.

One of the most notable attempts by people to overstep boundaries, was in building the tower of Babel.  The intent was to build a tower with its top in the heavens, and to make a name for themselves.  God stepped in and confused their language so they could no longer understand each other.

Could it be that God moves in the affairs of men?  That He caused these events to occur to prevent us from doing something?

Since my hope and trust is in God, and not just printed on our money, I am looking for the good reasons He has for putting us through this economic crisis.

From that perspective, this time might not be so bad after all.